This projects actually deserves the name "project", because it is not yet a film. It is a very ambitious project for one person. The picture of the hangar with biplane gives a taste of this project.

I wish to build a small private airfield with all its surrounding, to make a short movie. So far, the only character that is modelled and ready to animate is Elisabeth Warfield, pilot instructor at the Wild Geese Flying Circus.

Elisabeth's character grows up slowly, and comes to life progressively. Her personnality gets stronger through some little scenes showing her in action .

Introducing Elisabeth Warfield : audio interview of Elisabeth.

This project has a lot of difficulties, particularly the large number of very detailed objects. It will be necessary to make two versions of most of the models, both less and more detailed, according to the distance at which they will be seen. This will greatly decrease the amount of computing power and rendering time.


First dedicated to a sequence for The Crosswalk Project, an Open Movie, this animation has become a real project, because of the high level of details required, and because of the complexity of the scene.

The police chase sequence, simulating a film taken from an helicopter, was supposed to be later included in a TV news flash. As the storyboard has been modified, excluding this sequence, I decided to use this experience and a part of the decor I had created as a starting point for an other chase scene, graphically much more detailed, wich will be a part of the Flying Circus project.


The objective of this project was the making of a DVD to demonstrate a new electronic process that I have invented for image authentication. The process concerns video surveillance. This project led me to build a virtual museum in 3D including a hall, a large show room named the Diamond room and a Control room where are the video surveillance monitors.

This virtual scale model, allowed me to show the electronic device working in its various applications. The 16 minutes movie, which contains about 5 minutes of 3D animation, took about 11 months of work.

As shown on the second picture, an actual detailed 1/10 scale model of the Diamond room has also been built. This model is used for live demonstrations in exibitions. This scale model, whose dimensions are about 1m x 1m needed no less than 300 hours of work. Three miniature video cameras are hidden in the decor and give very realistic inside views that can be displayed on a television set.

I started this movie in early 2004, only few weeks after I discovered BLENDER. I learned how to use this software while working on the movie. I often had to remodel objects from scratch as my skills progressed. Even so, I did not have to learn too many tools and techniques to make this film. I have mainly learned how to model during the year 2004.

The Diamond Room was rendered using raytracing. The control room, however, was rendered without raytracing. The shadows were done using the Buffer Shadow. If you want to visit my museum, two short movies of this project are available in the DOWNLOADS section, only available through the menu of the page dedicated to BLENDER tutorials.

Considering the amount of work done on this movie, I plan to reuse the decor for a future film. I think that I will add some rooms and improve the textures and lighting.

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